About Us

We are Michael, Alina, Dariia, Maviye, and Tomacco Erasmus+ volunteers, volunteering at GSM. Let us introduce ourselves 😊 Dariia Riabokin (Derya) Hey) Do you want to get one more name? Welcome to Turkey. I am 21 years old Ukrainian girl, whose name is Dariia, but everybody here changed it to Derya, which means river or … More About Us

Who We Are

Who we are… GSM – Youth Services Centre is a youth organization that has been founded by a group of young people in 1985 in Ankara, Turkey. Since its first day, GSM has actively worked in youth field and until today it has created and successfully implemented many national and international youth projects. GSM is … More Who We Are

About home-sickness

People often asked me whether I miss my country and family, on what I replied, not without a pride, that I didn`t. But now it seems that melancholy, which has been attacking me recently, is actually a home-sickness, I just wasn`t aware of it. Yesterday was one of such sad-for-no-reason days. I quickly put on the cloth … More About home-sickness

One day at the park

A group of friends has a cafe where they meet all the time. An office worker feels relaxed between the shelves with sauces and pasta in a favorite supermarket at the end of the day. Even cats come to the same fences to purr about their cat affairs. It is in nature of all alive creatures to find a place and stick to … More One day at the park

A wish comes true

‘Yüce dağ değil idum duman sardi başumiSevduğum beni ağlar ah benda sevduğumiKayik gelur uzaktan dalgalara karişmişDaha kavuşamadan mevlam ayriluk yazmiş’ . . . These are the lyrics that caught my attention while I was watching a Turkish soap opera months ago. Fascinated by the voice that sang them, I immediately searched to see whose voice … More A wish comes true