About Us

We are Michael, Alina, Dariia, Maviye, and Tomacco Erasmus+ volunteers, volunteering at GSM. Let us introduce ourselves ūüėä Dariia Riabokin (Derya) Hey) Do you want to get one more name? Welcome to Turkey. I am 21 years old Ukrainian girl, whose name is Dariia, but everybody here changed it to Derya, which means river or … More About Us

Who We Are

Who we are‚Ķ GSM ‚Äď Youth Services Centre is a youth organization that has been founded by a group of young people in 1985 in Ankara, Turkey. Since its first day, GSM has actively worked in youth field and until today it has created and successfully implemented many national and international youth projects. GSM is … More Who We Are

MY ESC Bestie

When I first Arrived to Ankara for the project, I was a bit anxious to be honest! ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt know people there‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúWould I go along with the other volunteers?‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúWould I fit in?‚ÄĚAll those questions were wandering in my mind before arriving. But when I landed, and I got to meet the other volunteers. … More MY ESC Bestie

A few things you should be ready for before arriving in Ankara.

Hello, I am Nino. My second month in Ankara just ended and I have a few observations that I would like to share with you and prepare you for some facts before you arrive in Ankara. The first thing I still can’t get used to is the fact that people don’t know the traffic rules … More A few things you should be ready for before arriving in Ankara.

My First Month

I was so nervous before I moved to Ankara. I was afraid of how friendly the environment would be here, whether people would like me, and whether I would be able to get close to them. The reality exceeded my expectations. I remember how pleased I was when I was warmly welcomed into the office … More My First Month

Moving on…

I remember last year, around this time, I was getting ready to leave for Turkey. Now I’m getting ready to leave again for Romania. I can say that the past year flew by so fast that I didn’t even realize it. As I’m writing my last thoughts for the GSM blog, there is a little … More Moving on…

A brief, nostalgic refuge

June was a month full of farewells for me.  At¬†the¬†beginning¬†of¬†the¬†month,¬†our¬†beloved¬†volunteers¬†Monica¬†and¬†Emilia¬†departed¬†because¬†their¬†project¬†was¬†complete,¬†and¬†later, ¬†Jaro¬†left¬†again¬†because¬†his¬†ikamet¬†was¬†giving¬†him¬†trouble.¬† And as graduation approaches, the majority of my friends are returning to their hometowns.  Every time I meet with someone, I believe I always hear, “I’m leaving in a couple of days,” which I find sad but also glad for them.  Some¬†people¬†have¬†new¬†paths,¬†while¬†others¬†meet¬†their¬†families¬†after¬†a¬†long¬†time¬†apart,¬†so¬†I’m¬†only¬†sorry¬† that¬†it¬†may¬†have¬†been¬†our¬†final¬†moments¬†together¬†since¬†my¬†time¬†in¬†Ankara¬†is¬†coming¬†to¬†an¬†end. As¬†I¬†reflect¬†on¬†my¬†previous¬†eight¬†months¬†in¬†Ankara,¬†it¬†has¬†been¬†a¬†beautiful¬†experience¬†in¬†which¬†I¬†have¬†learned¬†more¬†about¬†myself¬†and¬† encountered¬†many¬†sorts¬†of¬†individuals¬†from¬†whom¬†I¬†have¬†learned¬†different¬†things.¬† I discovered myself doing things I had never done before.  I became more interested in life and in exploring and learning new things.  This¬†month¬†has¬†been¬†about¬†resetting¬†myself¬†and¬†resting¬†from¬†the¬†exhaustion¬†I¬†collected¬†the¬†previous¬† month¬†while¬†studying¬†for¬†my¬†university¬†examinations.¬† June was for soul mending and recharging my batteries for my upcoming experiences.  Always make time for you since no one is more valuable than yourself.

Friend`s wedding

My Ukrainian friend invited me to her wedding in Ankara. I was extremely excited about the invitation since Ive never attended weddings before. Not having any expectations, I arrived at the place of the big event. All of the guests were Turkish. But I knew the couples close friends. Feeling anxious in an unknown place … More Friend`s wedding

Izmir bombacńĪ

Izmir is a place of many wonders. I can’t even explain the beauty and vibes of this city. It is crowded, but you don’t feel it. The warm and friendly people of Izmir are the gift that keeps on giving when you visit the great city of Izmir, Turkey in the spring and summer.¬†Ephesus, the … More Izmir bombacńĪ