The Best Resources For Learning English!

Hey guys!

Today we want to share some advice about learning English. English is an essential part of our life and it helps to widen our horizons and communicate with people from different countries.

Unfortunately, lots of people can`t speak English which makes their life more difficult.


If they go abroad, they can`t ask, they need to use the “gesture language” or google translator.

Youth can’t go to the youth projects because of not knowing English.

So, let`s start!

Learn basic English

Learn English Basics – Elementary Method For Beginners 1 – language course for those who have just started learning the language.

Improve your level!

Introduction to Conversational English Course  – useful phrases and words that you can use for greetings and making your conversation better.

Social English Language Skills Course  –  this course will help you to improve the social skills.

American Life: Practical English Skills – this course will help you to improve the daily language and understand more the “real” English.

 Master Polite English  – Do you want to learn how to talk in formal situations? This course is for you then!

Make your grammar better!

Diploma in Basic English Grammar –learn how to use basic English in written form and in your daily life.

Fundamentals of English Grammar Course – This course is for people who speak and know grammar but wants to improve the language skills.

Introduction to English Gramma – Tenses and Sentence Structure – here you will learn the tenses and also how to use them.

Introduction to English Grammar – Vocabulary, Pronunciation and English Course  – this course compares how to use formal and informal English.

Practising English Language Grammar Skills  – practice and improve your grammar skills.

English Punctuation Made Simple!  – not sure where to put comma? This course is for you!

 English Grammar Refresher – Do you repeat the same mistakes? Pay attention to this course!

In our next article, we are going to give you more resources for making your English better!

Get prepared and study hard!

By Daria Babik




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