Who We Are


Who we are…

GSM – Youth Services Centre is a youth organization that has been founded by a group of young people in 1985 in Ankara, Turkey. Since its first day, GSM has actively worked in youth field and until today it has created and successfully implemented many national and international youth projects. GSM is a pioneer organization in the field of youth-work in Turkey.

Our main aim is to support common understanding, peace, friendship and intercultural learning among young people coming from different cultural backgrounds by organizing international youth activities. We believe that these intercultural activities give space to young people to share their experiences and own cultural richness, which could help young people to break down any barriers and prejudice.

Main Activities:

  •  International Voluntary Workcamps.
  •  International Youth Projects under European Programs.
  •  Youth Information.
  •  NGO Capacity Building Seminars.


We are the member of:

  • Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations.
  • UNESCO/CCIVS-Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service Organizations.
  • ERYICA-European Youth Information and Counseling Agency.
  • EURODESK Turkey.
  • UGK-National Volunteering Committee.
  • GO-FOR: Youth Organizations’ Forum

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