Become better by helping others

Finally, I got to the first work camp “Sultan`s Trail” in Kırklareli. The volunteers have been working for a week here and I am happy to join them! We have participants from Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, China and Korea in the work camp. Every volunteer is interesting and extremely cute!

To begin with, the job that the volunteers are doing is quite interesting. The task is to make the city cleaner, more beautiful and cozier.

Yesterday we were planting flowers. Everybody helped each other and cared about other campers. I understood that working together is the best team building ever! Especially, when the work is useful for the city and so engaging!

Check out these photos and you will understand what I mean 🙂

Well, we have finished working…

What did we do the next?

We had lots of activities: we played bowling, drank some coffee and went to the village for visiting a farm!

We went to the small river, visited a farm where the keepers explained what they are doing and had a look at cows. Our volunteers really enjoyed these animals!

Then we went to the family that lives in that village. Our boys helped to cook the meatballs on fire and we had a traditional Turkish dinner which was extremely delicious. Thanks to the family that gladly accepted us, shared tasty food and was so hostile!

Here is what our volunteer Roksolana says about the day in the work camp:

“The day was amazing, we’ve got the experience of planting flowers to make the park look more colorful and enjoyable. Moreover, in the afternoon we had a chance to visit the village which is situated in 20 min far from Kirklareli. The family we got to know told us about their own cow’s farm and even allowed us to have a look around. In the evening they cooked really delicious dinner for us and made us feel at home. Big thanks to the family and our team leaders who organized all of this for us:) XOXOXO😘

By Daria Babik

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