Weekends in the Work Camp: Become Closer to Your Dreams

If you think that the work camps are all about the work and boring activities — you are definitely not right.

Our work camp GSM1 in Kırklareli proves it.

Except working and making the city better, we know how to have fun and have a rest. Every participant makes the camp more interesting and engaging and this makes us extremely happy.

Do you want to know more about our magnificent weekends?

If yes, let`s start!

0-02-04-d795244a4eba2cc52ddb904f36c1a5c2ec43a392fd402f0ec471246e15be3f96_fullOur journey began from visiting the Oupnisa Cave. Before going to the cave, we had a breakfast in the forest, enjoyed the nature and then came to the cave.

It was quite cold in the there: but the view was amazing and fascinating. Everybody looked at every trifle so attentively, trying to notice everything that we couldn’t stop walking 🙂


So, we spend the weekends on the Iğneada Island.

When we arrived there, everybody had a rest and we swam in the sea. We swam a lot!

To be honest, I have never seen such a beautiful view in my life! The Black Sea is surrounded by the mountains and forest and the water is so soft and clean. It is amazing!


Then we did canoeing. But nobody knew that then there will be a “surprise” for us.

We took the boats and went to the lake. Our instructor said that we should be more attentive because we were going to the forest. At one moment everybody stopped. There was no way. We couldn’t go straight because of the trees`  roots. Then we left the boats and came to the forest.


Our instructor said that we would have a kind of team building. He took us 10 minutes away from the canoes and said that we had 10 minutes to get back. We were looking for a way back and then we understood that we couldn’t find it 😦 So, the instructor helped us and as it was revealed we just had passed the canoes and hadn`t noticed them 😦 So, our canoe trip took more than 3 hours in general because we came back at 9 p. m.

On Sunday we have been swimming the whole day. We wanted to go to the forest at first but then changed our mind and stayed by the sea 🙂 Swimming, sunbathing and playing games.


On the way back, we went for a dinner to the restaurant. It was amazing! We ate salads, different types of meat and vegetables 🙂 We really enjoyed the meal 🙂


Here are the feedbacks of our volunteers

Bogdan from Ukraine said:

UnknownOur weekends were really exciting. We did so many interesting things: canoeing, walking in the forest, swimming in the sea, walking along the rocky coast. Actually, it was one of the best holidays this year. Also, this trip helped me to discover something new, in such a great country as Turkey… Thank you for everything!!!

Gary from Hong Kong has shared his thoughts with us:

1233At the weekends, we went to the countryside in Sarpdere and had a meal there. It was surrounded by the tranquil and had a comfortable atmosphere. It was really Great!
After that, we had an opportunity to visit a historical cave, named Dupnisa Cave. It is about 3 million years old.  I was surprised by such a magnificent nature inside the cave.
In the afternoon, we went to the beach. I was amazed by the landscape. It was really astonishing for me because I have never seen such a wonderful beach in Hong Kong. I would not forget anything that I have seen during the vacation.
In the evening, we went to the secret forest on the canoe and because of the game got our way lost XDXD. In the end, we could find our canoe. Although I was exhausted, I had great fun with my team.
Finally, I am grateful that GSM gives me so many chances to learn and play. This experience is unforgettable. Thank you so much! 😁😁

Also, we want to say thanks to the Ministry for the organization of the weekends and for caring about us so much! 

By Daria Babik





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