GSM1: The “Thank you” Letter

The time passes so quickly, doesn`t it?

Especially, when you enjoy it and spend with great & interesting people from different countries.

This article is written by every volunteer from the camp.


Because we miss so much the work camp, each other, the Ministry, our work and the time spent together.

This is the letter in which we want to say: “Thank you”.

We want to thank the Ministry for caring about us and GSM for gathering all the participants from different countries in the camp.

Clara from Mexico


circle (1)Thank you for making our voluntary experience in Kırklareli a memorable one. Everything was very well planned and everyone was very welcoming. The Ministry always made sure all of us were comfortable and made Turkey a home for us.

Roksolana from Ukraine

UnknownIt’s impossible to express how grateful we are to the Ministry, especially to Mrs. Emine, the mayor of Kırklareli – Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, Mr. Murat and everybody who has put their own efforts to make this work camp one of the most memorable. Thanks for all activities that you provided to us, for a great chance to find out more about the history of Turkey and for your help to make a small contribution to Atatürk’s House, and live even for a while in the City of Happiness. We are appreciative for everything you’ve done for us!

Hyeonsoo from Korea

circle (3).pngI am thankful for the camp to the Ministry and GSM. I am not good at English but the campers tried to talk to me all the time.  I really love this camp and want to tell: “thank you”.We all came from different places but I felt like I was in my family for the last two weeks.We did a lot of activities together and I will never forget it. If you happen to come to Korea, I can greatly welcome and entertain you. Thank you very much for the last two weeks!

Svetlana from Ukraine                                                                         circle (3).pngI want to thank Mrs. Amine and Mr. Murat for making such an amazing program, for taking care of us, for support, for being so kind. I will never forget this 2 weeks! I want to thank our team for being always so cheerful. I am happy that I have met all of you, I already miss you!

I want to thank our team for being always so cheerful. I am happy that I have met all of you, I already miss you so much, want to thank for all emotions I got in this short period of time, hope to meet all of you again!

Bogdan from Ukraine

UnknownThank you for the amazing time, spending in such a marvelous place as Kırklareli… It was really unbelievable… This city has a great and magnificent history, which you have shown to us… Excursions activities, seaside journey, lessons of Turkish language. Thank you for everything. ..

Thank you for understanding and kindness! Thank you for being so warm and helpful!

Thank you for the desire to return again and again in this unbelievable city.

Gary from Hong Kong


I am grateful to the Ministry giving me so many chances for learning and playing, especially the Turkish bath and visiting the museum in Edirne. This experience is unforgettable. Thank you so much!

Dasha from Russia

circle (2).pngThank you for your worrying! Thank you for being patient!

Thank you for being sympathetic! Thank you for being amiable!

Thank you for your attention!

Tanya from Russia

circle (3).pngThank you, Mr. Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, Mrs. Amine, Mr. Murat and GSM for this amazing camp. It was a great chance to see not a touristic town and I really fell in love with the city. Quiet streets, cats, trees with fruit and friendly people — it’s all Kirklareli.

Thank you, Turkey, for the amazing people and for the sun. When I lost my way, everybody, without knowing Russian and English tried to help me. And the guy from the bus, have stayed with me for 4 hours because they didn’t want me to be alone.

Thank you to all kindness people from Kirklareli Belediye, special to the men from the baklava shop, who always gave us something for free. ^^


Hey, you! Thank you to every volunteer who was with me on this project. I was fortunate to know you not for long, but every one of you is in my heart.


Senay from Turkey

circle (3)We had a great work camp. I really enjoyed it! Thanks to GSM and Ministry for the organization! You always took care of us and provided us to do best things such as paragliding, traveling in Edirne. You have always been kind to us.

Thanks for foods, accommodation and especially all these opportunities.

Gözde a team leader of the camp, Turkey

circle (4).pngWe had a great camp thanks to the Ministry and beautiful participants! First of all, I am very grateful to Mrs. Emine. She always tried to make camp better for us and even if something happened, she visited us. She replied affirmatively to all requests!  Thank you a lot!

And also I want to thank all of our participants. You are very nice and lovely.

The camp was enjoyable thank to you guys! 🙂

Daria — an EVS volunteer at GSM, Ukraine

Daria BabikFrom me, I want to thank Mrs. Emine, Mr. Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, Mr. Murat and all people working and living  Kırklareli for giving us an opportunity to feel the city, for being with us all the time and caring about our team. I am happy because it seems to me that I have found my second family in this small place which would support all the time and understand.

Thank you for the amazing activities, we know how difficult it was to organize our time in such a small city. But it was amazing!

Thanks to Mr. Murat for being with us all the time: for your support, responsibility and caring about us.

Thanks to the locals for helping us with work and for sharing their experience. You even can`t imagine how valuable it is for us. A lot of volunteers have planted trees and flowers for the first time in their life!images

Thanks to the Kırklareli city for hosting us, for the happiness and great people!

Thanks to all the volunteers for the great exchange, sharing the knowledge about your countries, for your curiosity and love! Thank you for the amazing evenings and jokes!

We miss you, Kırklareli! 

By Daria Babik


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