GSM1: How It Was

Our volunteer from Ukraine Roksolana Pukanyuk shares her impressions about the work camp Sultan’s trail”,

-Let’s choose smth finally! The deadline is soon!

-Have a look at this one “Sultan’s trail”. I’ve never been to Turkey, it should smth cool and the city is really close to the sea.

-Hmm, I think so. Ok, let’s apply.

So that’s detailed picture how we, two girls from Ukraine, were selecting summer work camp. It was a literally shot in the darkness, as we didn’t really pay attention to the description of the program, its theme and the type of work. But we say  in Ukraine that random things are the best what can happen. And GSM01 proves it!

From the very beginning, the work camp organizers made their best. We were accepted almost three-four days after we applied, we got the info sheet with detailed information how to get to Kırklareli, what should we take with us, where we can find the bus and even a small Turkish vocabulary, which by the way was indeed useful.

We spent one day in Istanbul, looked around, visited the most popular mosques and took a bus to Kırklareli.

We arrived at the bus station and were waiting for out team leader Gözde to take us to the place we’re gonna live. When we saw this pretty kind girl, approaching us with a smile, it was the first sign that we will have a great time there. In a while, we got to know Murat who made his best to entertain us, put a lot of efforts to make us feel at home.

I should admit that the participants were also well-chosen and really friendly. I was excited when I saw guys from Korea and Hong Kong. I couldn’t imagine how and why they chose the work camp so far away from their home, but that was smth to be appreciated. The same thing with Clara, the girl from beautiful Mexico. Our work camp was indeed international, and we’ve learned a lot from each other, made this world smaller in all dimensions. Moreover, I was really excited that Turkish students such as Senay and Canseli also took part in this program, they got us acquainted with Turkish culture and history.

Our work camp was indeed international, and we’ve learned a lot from each other, made this world smaller in all dimensions

The schedule of work camp was amazing! I’m grateful to Mr. Murat, Mrs. Emine and the others for putting together work and activities in such way that we never felt tired or bored. It seemed to me impossible to keep us entertained in so small city, but they managed and made it on the high level.

It was pleasant to work in those playgrounds, parks because we were told all background stories of the places and we were eager to serve there. The one place that impressed us the most was Atatürk’s House. Thanks to Murat’s introduction we found out how much Atatürk made for Turkey. And felt blessed to have a chance to make a small contribution to his museum.

The best surprise was the trip to Igneada. The magnificent landscapes and marvelous sea took a piece of my heart so I would come to that place again. The kayaking thing made us relaxed and the weekend more enjoyable.

I’m gonna seize every opportunity to come back to Kırklareli, the City of Happiness!

Everything was so perfect that right now I’m scared to apply for another work camp because for sure it will be worse.   All people were so nice to us and kind that sometimes I caught myself on the thought: isn’t it my hometown?

I would like to thank again to all who put efforts to make this work camp one of the best for us. We are really grateful for the mayor of Kırklareli Mr. Mehmed Siyam Kesimoğlu, Mrs. Emine, Mr. Murat, GSM, our team leader Gözde and others. You’ve shown us indeed nice Turkey and we wanna come here again and again.

It was 2 unforgettable weeks and from now I’m gonna seize every opportunity to come back to Kırklareli, the City of Happiness.

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