GSM5: Unusual work camp, amazing Bademler.

Bademler… Here everything is so interesting for me. This village is not like other villages in Turkey, it is a special one.

So, while packing my luggage, I decided that it would be better not to take many short clothes. It is a village! For sure, the people are too conservative here. But I was wrong.

Badenler is a place that has no mosques, where all people are like one big family and the locals are modern, open-minded and kind. Here everybody is willing to help you and to teach, here a lot of people know English and try to teach you Turkish.

Also, the place where we live is not typical as for the work camp because every volunteer has a host family. It means that we live, sleep, eat with the locals. It is a very interesting format and a very good condition for feeling the culture and learning the language.

In the family where I stay, Cicek and Yaro don`t speak English. Yaro speaks more or less and Cicek doesn`t. Every morning we talk with Cicek (thanks to Google and dictionary) and we understand each other! All the volunteers learn new words and feel themselves at home. I really like it.

Actually, after staying at the hotels and kindergarten, I can say that you should definitely go to GSM5.

Yes, here are some difficulties for the team leaders. Not all the houses have wi-fi and it is a bit (no, it is really difficult) to gather all the people on time. But the group is so friendly that I think that it is not a problem.

Even so, I arrived a bit later, I feel myself at home.

Thanks, Bademler for it!

By Daria Babik






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