Interview with locals: Selen Torun


As I wrote in the previous post, Bademler is an unusual village with its culture, traditions, and customs.

Today we are talking to the local girl — Selen Torun.

Selen, why Bademler is so special?

The culture of Bademler is different from other parts of Turkey.

Firstly, the location is extremely important– Izmir is so close and it affects the village.

Secondly, here, in Bademler we have a different branch of Muslim – Alevis. It is a completely different culture and we have no mosques.

A lot of young people live in the village. I think that it is not good that youth lives here, cause they usually don`t go to university, they work here in the cooperatives, do hand work and don`t have so much opportunity to improve themselves and to become better in Bademler.

Everybody is so close in the village,  we are like one big family!

What kind of w0rk do the volunteers do here? Is it valuable?

We don`t do that much work. It is not about work but it is all about meeting new foreign people, speaking English and seeing other cultures. We want you to gain new experience, to talk more and spend more time with the locals and with each other. It is more important for us.

 I have noticed that the youth here knows English good. Where did they study it?

I can`t say that youth knows English really good. They learn English at school and at the university.

 The type of volunteers` residence is really different from other work camps — home staying. What do you think about it?

Homestaying is really nice and it is better for the volunteers, I think.  We see that you are learning and communicating with other cultures. You learn and make relationships. It is good also for the locals and young people.

But there is a problem: not meeting on time – it is about being punctual and more about the discipline in the camp.We are going bed too late and it is difficult to wake up – it is one of the reasons.

How can we improve the situation?

Maybe we should have done a Whatsapp group only with hosts cause not all people in the village have wi-fi. The communication between hosts would improve the situation, I think.

 All the work camps are supported financially by the municipality. But in Bademler only the host families take care of the volunteers. How do you think, is it a problem?

It is not a problem to host you. We and other villagers are happy to become host families. Of course, if we talk about activities and excursions and activities – you have to pay by yourself cause the locals don`t have that much money to cover the expenses. Yes, the camp lacks the financial support for sure.

 What expectations did you have about the volunteers?

I think that expectations met the reality.  The locals didn`t have that much expectations but they wanted to meet your expectations. They are open minded and kind but you should behave in the same way, as well.

 Thank you!

By Daria Babik 






















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