Interview with Cem Türkay

What do you like about Bademler?

Bademler is a very special village.

It is an extremely unordinary place, especially for Turkey. What you find here is a mixture of Greek, middle east Turkish culture and a very different religious tradition. People are really close to each other and it is great, I think.

The location of Bademler is perfect: it is close to the sea and to the big city – Izmir.

Bademler is often visited and is famous for its unique religion. The rules here allow more than in other parts of the country.

What do you think, if this town needs volunteers from abroad? If yes, should they come more often?

Volunteers abroad are beneficial cause we can understand different countries and make relationships. But if we accomplished more work, it would be better for the village.

What kind of problems do you see in the camp?

I think that we should somehow fulfill the program. One volunteer left earlier cause he was bored.

In 2001, I hosted a French girl and every night they talked about the next days’ program. They did some more work and had fewer activities.

 A kind of volunteers` staying here is really special. Do you like homestay or do you think that staying in the hostel would be better?

Well, there are advantages home staying and disadvantages.

The relationships are stronger in the dorm. When you are going to the international camp – dorm is better, not home staying.

But you can get in touch with the locals and know more about the culture if you are staying with the family and you can see how the life is going on.

Home staying is more about the exchange between locals and campers, not campers-campers.

Do you like communicating with the volunteers?

The communication is good but it can be improved by the helping relation: cooperation. In this camp it was absent. Work and team building help to make the ties closer.

Are you facing any difficulties while communicating with the participants of the camp?

The pronunciation is a bit different so it caused problems sometimes.

What do you expect from the work campers?

I really would like them to tell about Bademler and encourage new people to come.

Can you give some advice for the campers?

These are tips that would help the volunteers while the staying in the work camp:

  1. Be open minded everywhere.
  2. To improve themselves.
  3. Be trustable.

By Daria Babik
































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