Interview with the hotel owner: Anıl Arif Ayvaz

Hey guys!

A very unusual name of the article, isn`t it? Ahahha, yes. Anıl is the owner of the hotel where we stayed during the work camp in Bergama. He took care of us, made jokes and helped a lot!

So, I decided to talk to him about the work camp and his thoughts on it. Enjoy!

What do you think, if this town needs volunteers from abroad? If yes, should they come more often?

They are a good example for the city youth. Their job is extremely important for the city, of course.

Also, it is a great cultural exchange for the locals and volunteers. And I think that volunteers abroad improve the economic situation in our village.

Are you facing any difficulties while communicating with the participants of the camp?

Yes, pronunciation.

What expectations did you have about the volunteers?

It was important for me to learn more about different cultures, traditions etc and, luckily, I got everything I had expected from the work camp.

 Would you support your family member or friend to go to a voluntary work camp?

Yes, of course. I have a niece who is 10 years old. I will talk to Ersel (the camp leader) and in 8 years I will send her to the work camp.

How can you describe the volunteers and your relationships with them?

We were all together all the time.

The group is really nice. I respect the job that they have done. They are doing their best without any payment and it is cool.

I like the activities that the work campers have. And it is a great idea to take photos of the city and make the exhibition in the end of the project:)

I enjoyed the game “Secret friend”. You write your name on the paper, then mix all the names and take one of the names. That name is the person to whom you have to give gifts all the time. But that person doesn’t have to know from whom she/he gets the gifts.

What did you learn from the participants?

I didn`t know anything about your group but now I share your ideas and thoughts!

I learned about different countries, for example, that China is not Hong Kong.

By Daria Babik






































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