How volunteering has changed my life

Everything starts with the small steps.

When you learn something, you start from the basics.

When you build “big plans”, there should be a starting point.

It doesn`t matter where you are now, you can start changing your life.

There are different options but I would like to start from volunteering.

Why is it important and what can you get from it?

It is a kind of personal story and believe me, I have lots of things to tell you 🙂

When I was doing my second year at university, I decided that except studying I need to do something more.

So, I joined a NGO in my hometown called “FRI”. I organized different educational projects there and got lots of experience.

Actually, in FRI I managed to develop lots of skills and to become more confident. When I was applying for the job, I didn`t have lots of experience but my volunteering made my CV full. In my 21, I have visited 10 countries, 8 international projects, finished bachelor and have 1 year of experience in marketing and 2 years of teaching.

And all the time, volunteering goes step by step with me. All the time it motivates and helps to meet the right people.

Thanks to my volunteering experience, I managed to get to lots of international projects: work camps, study tours, Erasmus+, EVS.

You know, the volunteering changed my views on life and the way how I started solving my problems. For example, I wanted to study German but I didn`t have an opportunity to attend the language courses because it was too expensive for me. So, I organized courses of German which lasted for 2,5 months. I gave an opportunity to study German to 20 youth people who love this language, as I do. I think that you understand this feeling when the students say “Thank you.” These are the most pleasant words that I have ever heard.

Thanks to my volunteering, I met a lot of interesting people, became more creative and initiative, got a lot of new skills and became opened to new opportunities. I would like to give you an example. This summer I came to the work camp in Germany as a volunteer. When I saw our team leader, she was very sad, and she told me that something happened to the second team leader and he can’t come to the camp. I had some experience of leading camps in my NGO that’s why I told her not to worry and started helping with team building and managing volunteers. In few days, I signed a contract with the German organization and became the second team leader.

So, even now my EVS completely has changed my life and I met a lot of interesting people, got lots of experience and unforgettable emotions!

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