Our EVS family has become bigger!

It is already 3 months that I am here. Oh my God even more!

My term is to be finished in 3 weeks and this time passed so quickly but the good news is that I am staying here for the second term. Which means that I will live in Ankara 5 months more.

All this time I was the only volunteer in GSM. And there was the only person with whom I shared everything: accommodation, food etc – myself. Actually, it was a quite good experience which gave me a lot but now there are 3 of us: Elena from Spain, Meg from Poland and me.

Elena came on Thursday, Meg arrived yesterday.

So, now we will work and do our EVS together!

Everything I can say is that I am glad to meet the new volunteers and to spend time with them 😉

So, Meg shares her experience about the beginning of EVS in Turkey.

How did you learn about EVS?

I started going to the English Speaking Club where I met the EVS volunteers. That is how I got to know about this opportunity.

Why have you decided to come here as an EVS volunteer?

If you want to do EVS in west-European countries, you need to save some money before you come. It would be easily for you to survive in the country.

This project is really good for my career and for my CV. I studied the European studies at university and I want to get some experience in this field. If I want to do it in Poland, I have to work for free for a while. That is why EVS is a better option for me.

After my EVS, I a, planning to come back to Poland and to implement all the knowledge I got here.

Why did you choose Turkey?

I had lots of Turkish friends in Poland and I got to know the culture. Everything was more or less familiar for me and I knew what I was going into.




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