Volunteering inspiration…Where to take it?

It sometimes happens that you feel that you want to do something valuable for the society but you don`t know how to start and what you can do. As we all know, the most difficult thing is to start doing something. And then you will see how everything becomes clearer and clearer. More and more inspiring.

The volunteering experience can be different and very interesting. And you have to understand that there is all the time the possible ways to help others and people who need your help.

While doing social service you will feel that your life is going into completely another level of life. You will become happier and more willing to help others, you will be more responsible and energetic.

So, if you have decided that you want to do social service but still not sure about the kind of job you can do, we have gathered some ideas on volunteering.


So, how can we help the society?

  1. Organize some educational events.Why?You get the experience of project management, team-work and develop the communicational skills. You meet lots of people and give them an opportunity to learn.
  2. Give toys and clothes that you don`t need anymore to the orphan houses. These kids need help and will be happy to meet you and to get some presents and clothes to wear.
  3. Bring some food to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, not all the animals have enough food to survive and the conditions of their life can be really bad sometimes.
  4. Go abroad to do a volunteering service.  EVS, work camps, Erasmus+ projects are great projects to study, do volunteering and to develop your strong skills.
  5. Visit kids at the hospitals. Unfortunately, they lack hope and sometimes love. Give it to them, spend some time and make them happier =)
  6. Help old people. There are lots of organizations help adults that don`t have family and make the gap between the young people and the adults smaller. Become one of the members!
  7.  Participate or organize the environmental events. Join the “Clean Saturdays” and help to make parks and streets cleaner!
  8. Spread the information about the youth opportunities on volunteering. Sharing the information is  the biggest force we have!

It doesn`t matter what kind of volunteering you would like to do. What really matters is your eager and willing to help ad change.

To change your mind, thoughts and actions.

Becoming stronger and stronger every day.

And remember: by helping others, you help yourself at first!

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