How to win the procrastination game?

Everybody procrastinates…

And sometimes it is so difficult to overcome this state =)

Procrastination interrupts us and finds “more important” things to do. Only because of procrastination we start doing nothing, bringing no value to our life.

Let`s start with the definition of procrastination. 

The Cambridge dictionary says that procrastination is “delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring”. You keep on fiding thousand of reasons not to start working on your project, not to study and not to achieve your aims.

If “I don`t feel like” or “I will do it tomorrow” usually follows you; if every time you want to start, something stops you — welcome to the procrastination world!

What are the reasons for procrastination?

The Brown University suggests such causes of procrastination:

  • Lack of Relevance.
  • Acceptance of Another’s Goals.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Evaluation Anxiety
  • Ambiguity.
  • Fear of the Unknown.
  • Inability to Handle the Task.

Even the psychologist procrastinate (and they don`t deny it).

So, how to win the game? 

1. Tomorrow would never come

Yes-yea! Every tomorrow you think that you would start tomorrow and so on&on.

Why don`t you start today?

Just remember: tomorrow would never be your starting point cause there is a very high possibility that you would delay again and again.

Just start it today!

The most difficult thing is to start doing and after nothing matters.

2.Don`t panic!

Usually, we think that the task is so big that we will not be able to accomplish it. The task seems a kind of unreal for us =)

What is the solution?

Divide your tasks into small subtasks. In this case, you will understand where is the starting point and everything will be much easier for you. With the kind of plan or algorithm, it will be clear how to achieve your aim and what you need to do for reaching the main goal.

3. No excuses!

No-no, we have faced the situations when you feel bad today or other reasons not to start working. Just do at least something small for your task, not to make yourself feel relaxed. It is extremely important!

4. Set up realistic goals

If you try to do the task 2-3 times quicker than it is possible, just know: you will give up for sure.

Realistic goals – realistic results.

5. Effective planning and clear structure of your actions

As I wrote before – the big goals are terrifying. Be sure that you have carefully planned all your actions before you have started.

It happens we do not come to the final point only because of  the bad plan =(

What you need to remember is that the best day to start is today; nobody would accomplish your aims if you don`t do this.

You are the only person who is responsible for your life.

You are the only person who has to care about your aims.

Good luck in the procrastination game!

I wish you to be all the time the winner!


By Daria Babik




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