Language Passport is a self-assessment tool for presenting language skills and qualifications. It’s part of Europass. It’s a template where you can show your language skills, certificates and experiences. It is not a diploma or certificate and it doesn’t require validation. It’s more of a document where you talk about your knowledge and experience in languages.

What is Europass

Language passport presents information in following order:

– self assessment language skills
– certificates and diplomas
– linguistic and intercultural experience

You can download templates and instructions here

You can prepare document on your computer by downloading templates or using an official online tool

If you want you change language to the one you need.

Why should you prepare Language Passport?

Not only should you prepare it, but also you should update it if your current knowledge changes. It’s an easy accessible overview of your languages level. You can use it for finding education and employment across the Europe.
It’s useful if you’re applying for a job or want to continue education abroad.

If you are thinking of working, studying, volunteering in European countries, consider preparing Europass documents
CV + Cover letter
Language Passport
They will make your life easier.

by Małgorzata Kiełtyka

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