Can I use the CV of my friend?

Hey guys!

We have a new rubric: “Answering your questions”.

So, the first question of the volunteers that are applying for the projects is:

“I got my best friend`s CV. Can I change the name and can I put my name instead of him? Do you think that they will pay attention to the motivation letter?”

Well, the answer is “No”.

The main and the most important rule while applying for the projects: all the time tell the truth.

There is no point in writing lies because the person who is choosing the applications needs to see your personality and skills.

Erasmus+ are not all the time about your previous experience. It is all about your motivation, willing to bring new ideas and developing yourself.

And of course, your motivation letter is extremely important!

It shows how much you want to get to the project, what you want to contribute and which skills to gain.

In your motivational letter, you have to be extremely creative and show them how valuable you are.

Just imagine: the person who selects the applications gets hundreds of them for a project.

What is your task?

To show that you are different from other participants, that you will do your best during the project and could bring lots of fresh ideas.


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