My English Is Not Good: Can My Friend Help Me To Pass The Interview?

Hey, guys!

We continue answering your questions.

Today we will consider the issue of bad English and give you some advice.

So, the question is following: “My English is not good as much as my friend’s. She filled in the motivation letter instead of me. I don`t know what should I say when I am approved for Skype. I am planning to talk with her and she will skype instead of me. Do you think it is ok?”

Well, we have discussed the question of using the CV of your friend in the previous article for the project.

While applying for the project, your main aim is not to be better as you are but to express your personality and to show your creativity.

Please, don`t cheat while applying for the project! Because in any case, everything will become obvious.

The thing that you have to understand that you will talk in English with the members of your organization and other volunteers. Of course, if you know the language of the country you are applying for, it will make the communication better.

But you will isolate yourself from other volunteers and make your project much worse as it could be.

While applying for the project, you have to have at least basic English, otherwise, you will not survive and it will just spoil time.

You have to show yourself, not to try to be the best.

The organization is not looking for the ideal candidate. They want you to be motivated and bring fresh ideas to the project. They want you to enjoy your stay in the country and to grow as much as you can; to show the culture and the traditions.

Please, don`t try to be another person.

It is much better to study better English to make your project better than to tell lies and to feel bad during your EVS cause you don`t understand anything. Believe me, I have met youth on the Erasmus+ projects and they were totally excluded because of not knowing English.

So, to sum up.

You can`t ask your friend to write the motivation letter instead of you. Yeah, I would suggest asking him/her to correct it, but not to write from a scratch.

You can`t ask your friend to pass the interview instead of you because you will not be approved in any case. The hosting organization wants to see YOU cause YOU are applying for a project. If you want your friend to be approved, then just let him/her do it.

I wish you luck and make your English better!

Believe me, it is much easier than it seems to be.

Just practice and enjoy your studying!

By Daria Babik

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