Part 2: The Best Resources For Learning English

Hey there!

In our previous article, we started the topic of learning English that is so important in our daily and business life.

Also, we shared with you some sources for learning the basics, lexicon and grammar.

We discussed with you which opportunities you get only because of the language. So, if you know English – practice as much as possible, if not – start learning!

Improve your writing skills

Better TOEFL Writing Techniques for ESL Speakers – for people who want to pass TOEFL iBT. This is course is aiming at improving the writing skills.

Getting Started with Essay Writing – the second part of the  Academic English: Writing Specialization. Learn how to write 3 different types of essays.

Advanced Writing – the third part of the Academic English: Writing Specialization. NB: you can get a free access to this course but you will not be able to pass the tests.

Introduction to Research for Essay Writing – it is final part of the Academic English: Writing Specialization.

Preparing for the AP* English Language and Composition Exam – focus on the developing of your writing skills.

English Grammar and Essay Writing – make your grammar and writing better.

Write Professional Emails in English – learn how to write e-mails in Engish!

English Writing Skills Course – learn different styles and improve the punctuation.

Shakespeare – His Life and Work Course  – all the lovers of Shakespeare will love it!

Business English

Business English: Networking  – learn how to talk efficiently in English.

Business English: Meetings – get the skills for the business meetings.

Business English: Making Presentations – create good presentations.

English for Effective Business Speaking  – learn more about effective business speaking in this course.

Business English: Basics – this course is from the Hong Kong University.

Business English in Cross-cultural Communication – course for learning more about the cross-cultural communication.

Hope that these resources will be helpful for you.

Good luck and improve your English!




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