The International Symposium on Youth Employment in nutshell

Between 26.02-28.03 I visited Kayseri to participate in the second International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges ISYEC`18. Experts from around the world met to talk about the situation of youth entering the job market. 

IMG_5733Almost 200 participants from 36 countries met at Abdullah Gül University (AGU) to discuss the issue of high unemployment among young people. Here’s what was discussed.

With numerous universities and growing number of students, the youth unemployment is not decreasing. The percentage of unemployed postgraduates is alarmingly high – 6 000 000. There is a distance between an academic knowledge and real experience required in employment field. The amount of students is increasing but they lack technical knowledge that is now in high demand.

Some say that “There is no such thing as lack of jobs, there’s only lack of qualifications.”

Universities must change their offer according to current economy and youth needs. Youth must expand their studies besides formal education, search for internships and build their experience outside the universities.

We were lucky to hear many inspiring speeches from experts from around the word. They talked about challenges and opportunities, innovation, social enterprises, future. Time was divided between Round Table sessions and Paper and Good Practice Presentations. We heard many personal stories of hard work and success.

Below there are visual transcripts of 2 days of symposium. img_5721.jpg


by Małgorzata Kiełtyka


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