EVS International volunteering initiatives in Almazan


Almazan, Soria, Spain

Placement dates

A total of 1 week(s) during the period 01/09/2019 to 30/06/2020

Placement deadline

Application deadline: 26/04/2019

Project description

The volunteers will be involved in activities at local level in different facilities at the village. The program will be held in public buildings with the support of the town hall. • Nursing home: organizing recreational activities for the elderly, talking to them, support of the educators and social in the activities of assistance such as playing word games, being involved in bingo or the Christmas play. • Secondary school: provide support to English/French teachers, present their own culture/language • Primary School: provide support in a class with a boy with Down´s Syndrome (6 years old) • Culture Center: Support in the toy library, organizing activities for kids/youth during free times, do activities in the volunteer mother tongue, Crafting and drawing, Support with the homework to children facing learning difficulties • Adult education: Computer support, English/French lessons, basic knowledge • Youth association/ Town hall: support when they organize any activity

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will have a single room in an apartment shared with the other 2 volunteers. WIFI is not available Volunteers will receive EUR150 for maintenance.

Training during the project

The participant will have access to the online platform to be able to practice during the full program. To be able to access to the platform, participants will be able to use computers that are inside of the Culture center. Since the first beginning we will try that the volunteer will have contact with local youngsters to improve his/her Spanish knowledge and take part of the local activities. Volunteers will be able to attend Spanish classes. The volunteer will have access to all public sports facilities in the village, including inside and outside swimming pool.

Volunteer profile

All2help is looking for volunteers with interest in social work in the area of old-age care and kids an interested in education. The volunteer should be communicative, open, cheerful and motivated to work in a team. Because of our environment and the full immersion, they will experiment into the Spanish culture, some Spanish knowledge will be necessary. There is no need to speak or write perfect but enough to communicate and learn fast the rest of it. Important to be happy to leave in a small village in a rural area.

Post on the European Youth Portal website: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/12396_en

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