About Us

We are Yaryna, Yana and Mirjam, Erasmus+ volunteers, volunteering at GSM. Let us introduce ourselves 😊

Yaryna Kobryn

Hello everyone) My name is Yara, and I came to volunteer at GSM from Ukraine, Lviv – an adorable city you are welcome to visit especially now since you have a friend there;)

Trying to find myself, I’ve been working in different areas and fields, from education and youth work to sales and partner management, and I guess I still keep looking – looking for something I can once call a life-long project, a life mission itself.

My curiosity and passion for travel led me across 25 countries. I spent over 1,5 years in Asia – working at the travel company in Sri Lanka, travelling India for 2 months, teaching English at the kindergarten in Vietnam, trekking Nepal, visiting Laos, Malaysia and Thailand…and I’d be excited to share some of my impressions and insights)

I am passionate about photography, especially street and travel one – going somewhere without a camera would sound to me as a greatest horror in fact) Looking at the world through the lense of camera changes the way the things can be seen – the special in the ordinary, the beauty in the usual, the order in the chaos – is what photography can teach all of us, I believe.

I am interested in psychology and art, admire long walks and cycling, couldn’t imagine even a day without a music, and equally enjoy the company of others and myself only 😀 I believe that this experience in Turkey will bring a lot of memories and greatest impressions!

Volunteering has always been an integral part of my life. During the student times, I spent over 5 years being a member of international organization AIESEC in my city.  Whenever there was a call for volunteers, I couldn’t help myself but to apply. I could not imagine the summer without the workcamp or two. So doing an EVS sounded to me like a chance to immerse myself back into the sea of vast and breathtaking volunteering opportunities.

Yana Borshchova

Hey, guys! Here’s Yana. I’m Ukrainian, and I’m 21 years old. I was born in a small town in Lugansk region, so my biggest dream was to explore this huge world as much as it’s possible.

When I graduated my school, I went to Poland to study, and last year I finished Opole University. I love traveling and can’t sit on one place for a long time. I have visited 23 countries till this moment, but Turkey is one of the best countries for me ♥ It’s my 3rd time in Turkey, and I really can’t leave your amazing country. I love your culture and food (okay, maybe I’m staying here only because of your delicious baklava and Adana Kebap).

I have been to Eskisehir, Bursa, Istanbul, Mersin, Adana, Ermenek, Antalya, Side, I had been living in Karaman for 2 months (I had a short term EVS project there). I’m so excited to visit new cities soon, as each city in Turkey has its’ own spirit and inimitable atmosphere.

I’m fond of learning and teaching languages, so if you wanna learn Russian, Ukrainian or Polish (a bit of German, Bulgarian and Spanish), I would be happy to help you.

I love animals, and can’t exist without my lovely dog Emmi. I had a beautiful rat and I’m sure, rats are one of the smartest animals. I hate spiders and a cold rainy weather.

Sorry, Ankara, but my favorite city in Turkey is Adana. Can’t wait to go there and to eat Sirdan, to drink a special Muz Shake and to sit next to the lake with my friends.

I love Turkey and Turkish people. Hope to find lots of friends here and learn more about your culture. Nice to meet you, guys! Let’s explore Ankara together 😉

Mirjam-Meerit Mets

Hey-ya! I’m Mirjam, I come from Estonia, and am 20 years old.

For the first 15 years of my short life I lived in a small village in southern Estonia surrounded by forests and fields. I grew fond of the nature, and leaving for the city of Tartu to go to high-school made a big difference in my life. Fortunately I managed to graduate with good grades, and now I decided to take a gap year to figure out what to study at university, and go volunteering.

I love volunteering! I have volunteered lots of times in Estonia and it has become kind of a way of life. I had had the idea of going on an EVS (ESC now) for a long time, since I have participated in five youth exchanges with Erasmus+ already.

I like to discover the world but not by adventurous travelling. My way to discover is to go to a city and take time and wander around. This way I can get the image and feeling of the place, and find interesting “treasures”, hidden perhaps even to the locals. I like hiking, though, and discovering also the abstract world of knowledge which humans have created. I guess I’m a bit of an introverted traveller 😊.

I love watching quality films, reading short stories, dogs and cats, and one of my dreams is to learn Latin. Interesting fact: I can juggle with three balls 😀.

– – –

You may ask who is a volunteer. This is a person who participates in social projects, makes the world around us albeit a little, but better. It’s a way of life of the modern, young and active person. Immersed in this world, you begin to look for interesting projects.

We, too, strive towards the goal of making the world a better place. This is why we’re here in Ankara, working at a youth centre and helping young people find the volunteering possibilities best suited for them. We have already organized an event about European Solidarity Corps to enlighten youngsters of Ankara and show them how could they find a perfect project, compose the perfect CV and write the perfect motivation letter.

In the upcoming 4 months we will work a lot with and for the youth of Ankara. We will be visiting local volunteering projects and interviewing participants on their experience, organizing informative events about volunteering here at the centre, composing info materials about going abroad on an EVS, and writing this blog. Also we’re going to organize movie nights every Saturday and soon we will have an English speaking club 😊.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get more info about upcoming events, and let’s have lots of fun together 😉.