Visiting Kazanli – village on the Mediterranean Sea

As I spoke with Turkish citizens living close to this place, not all of them knew of this village’s existence. It seems I don’t know everything that surrounds my home town in Poland either. There I was on my first volunteer project through the Erasmus+ program, with the amazing organization, which is focusing on environment … More Visiting Kazanli – village on the Mediterranean Sea

It’s been one year

Hi, this is Monica. I am going to finish my project this June. It’s been one year in the Middle East. Here are some recollections of one year in Turkey: Ankara, Düzce, Kapadokya, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Eskişehir, Amasra, Marmaris, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, and Afyon are among the cities I’ve visited. İskender kebap, Mercimek çorbası, Künefe, Baklava, … More It’s been one year

Top 5 food in Turkey by European

As a foreigner in Turkey everytime when I speak with some local the topics always goes to „what do you thing about our country.” We are speaking about different topics, containing people, general situation here, and the one that most of people like, the food. I wanted to mention about some Turkish food that i really enjoy, i choose 5 of my favourites and im gonna mention them here. 5. Lahmacun I like this one, it’s turkish pizza, smaller size than typical pizza, so I always order two to get full. It mostly contains … More Top 5 food in Turkey by European