Erasmus+ Glossary: Key Notions and Terms

Whether you have been previously involved any of the Erasmus Programmes or still look forward to find the opportunity to join in, the knowledge of key Erasmus notions will help you out to navigate with ease among the diversity of the projects and Erasmus-related terminology. Erasmus+ Erasmus+ is the EU programme for youth focused on … More Erasmus+ Glossary: Key Notions and Terms

My English Is Not Good: Can My Friend Help Me To Pass The Interview?

Hey, guys! We continue answering your questions. Today we will consider the issue of bad English and give you some advice. So, the question is following: “My English is not good as much as my friend’s. She filled in the motivation letter instead of me. I don`t know what should I say when I am … More My English Is Not Good: Can My Friend Help Me To Pass The Interview?


Language Passport is a self-assessment tool for presenting language skills and qualifications. It’s part of Europass. It’s a template where you can show your language skills, certificates and experiences. It is not a diploma or certificate and it doesn’t require validation. It’s more of a document where you talk about your knowledge and experience in … More LANGUAGE PASSPORT


Europass is a European Union initiative which helps people to make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. Europass is a portfolio that consists of 5 documents – Curriculum Vitae (Europass CV) – Language Passport – Europass Mobility – Certificate Supplement – Diploma Supplement First 2 you can create yourself. Last 3 are issued … More What is EUROPASS